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Artist Statement

My medium is acrylic paint on linen canvas. I isolate each transparent wash with a gel medium glaze to create texture and depth. My ideas come to me as visions. Many times these visions come from the hypnagogic state known as the unconscious middle zone between awake and sleep. The strength of my work lies in the recognition of opposites - the humdrumness of urban living with the dream of utopia based in nature. With the use of composite imagery and shifts of scale between everyday scenes, situations and common objects, I weave a tapestry blending threads of satire, irony, conflict and hope.


By the very Grace of God, painting is and has been my sole support for thirty years, thus, survival as an artist is my greatest challenge and goal. My artistic goals are to keep the integrity of my work intact in the midst of novelty and passing fads, while recording my impressions of society, culture and environment for the good of humanity.


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